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Letter: They didn’t ask to be royals

Published date: 29 December 2016 | Published by: READER: Mr E Green

FIRST, let me say that I am Yorkshire born and bred, a trade unionist, royalist and a good judge of whisky.

I would like to advise a Richard Billups of Rawmarsh to get out and get a life. Let’s take his latest moan about the Queen, Charles and Buckingham Palace. First, the palace is not hers, it belongs to the country, and it’s said that both she and Charles do not like living there. I am certain if she had the choice she would flit.

Secondly, people do not ask to be born who they are so if Mr Billups had been born in Prince Charles’ place would he have moaned and said “send me back”? No way he would. So like I said, Mr Billups, go out and get a life, but I suppose we will have to put up with your rants or change to another paper.

Mr E Green, Albert Street, Swinton

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